About Your Virtual Assistant - Lilac Butterflies

Travel & Tourism Specialist

With over 10 years of experience specialising in the travel and tourism industry sector, I can help you evolve your business by taking tasks from your to-do-list and letting you get on with the tasks that make the money and make your business run more smoothly and manageable for you.

I love to travel and see as much as I can of the world. So being able to help like-minded people evolve their own businesses and provide great reliable service to them is a great achievement.

I will work alongside you (virtually!) and help you get the tasks you require done. I’m hardworking and professional with a great knowledge of what I do. I will concentrate on researching the ins and out of your business, and your competitors without you having to hire a new member of staff. Which in the long run means you save money and hopefully see your business skyrocket.

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How it all works

Working remotely I can help make your business flow in a more efficient way. Save £££ and manifest more business so you can have that life/work balance you crave for.

For small and medium businesses it can be difficult to keep up with the daily runnings when you have to do emails, paperwork, social media and website maintenance. So why not let Lilac Butterflies work as your virtual assistant to take the stress off your shoulders?

Even though I am based just outside of Edinburgh, I can work with businesses all over the UK (a bonus of working remotely!)

Virtual Assistants are currently in demand so time is running out for boosting your business.

Advantages Of a Virtual Assistant

  • You don’t have the expense involved in hiring a new member of staff.
  • Working remotely you don’t have to get new office equipment or office space.
  • Increased flexibility. Pay for the hours you require each month.
  • Decrease your stress levels by handing over the workload so you can use your time more productively.

For a more affordable and efficient way to help maintain your business needs, then why not get in touch with your West Lothian Virtual Assistant and let me help you.

It’s as simple as ABC!! Don’t Miss Out!

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Working Process

Contact me with your requirements, if you don’t quite know what you need we can discuss this together and come up with an action plan to get things moving.

Once we have discussed the options and VA prices available you will sign a contract before any work gets started. From here you will have to do a little bit of “homework” to provide me with all the information I need for the job in hand.

Once I have all the information I require, I will get to work on the tasks/project you require me as a VA to do. I can let you know with weekly contact (or more/or less if required) on how everything is going and to check in with you to see if everything is going smoothly.

See my virtual assistant services page for information on the tasks I can help you manage.

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